Friday, August 30, 2013

A DIY hanger.

I love hangers. And I love DIY hangers.

Handmade hanger.


Materials to make a DIY hanger .

- Wooden table .
- Rule.
- Drill .
- Knob with screw.
- Nails .
- Thread of two colors.
- Tape washi tape .


What I have tried to do with this DIY - craft , is to imitate these unique hangers so often find for sale in stores and you do not always like the price, shape or motif.

Therefore, with a few materials I had at home , I've got my own handmade hanger , without spending anything more than some time .

The first thing was to find the table. I always keep these little boards, wood or DIY jobs remains left over from before. Once I decided that you see in the pictures was the little board that I used for my handmade hanger I set to work in earnest.

DIY hanger.

As I used a simple hanger handle booking those who always buy more . After finding a rule the exact center from the side ends of the table , I spent a drill with appropriate drill bit to make a hole . Since the doorknob hanger does , played a bit this hanger decorate handmade .

To put this hanger lovely assistant used the technique of drawing with threads . This good idea is to surround decorative a silhouette nails then go between the studs thread rolling as many colors as you want.

To decorate this handmade hanger , dug my nails drawing a heart and used wire two different shades of pink to fill the figure.

In case you're asking , yes, the diamond-shaped pendants that I hung on my hanger DIY are made ​​with plastic that magic and I showed in " shrink plastic Diamonds " a few weeks ago .

How to make a DIY hanger.

I'm happy with the result. I have a hanger already more at home. And , this time is a handmade hanger , with the colors that I like, with a personal decoration and perfect size and reason for entry to home.


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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Colors 2013.

In approximately one month the arrival of fall and I have wanted to brown, violet , burgundy or gray . Do you? Are you eager to know what colors come this fall ?

fall colors 2013


To find out what colors are those that take in the fall and therefore the colors that will fill a greater or lesser extent, our homes, have gone to great guru of colors: PANTONE .

And what says PANTONE colors we dress and decorate our house in the fall? Emerald , Mykonos Blue , Linden Green , Acai , Samba , Kai , Deep Lichen Green, Vivacious , Turbulence and Carafe .

Following the philosophy of choosing the color of the year 2013 in order to influence the mood , PANTONE proposes for fall, 10 colors to face the cold months in the best way .

The fall palette is a set PANTONE color to clothe and surround ourselves with colors that provoke emotions and feelings. Will feelings that will ripple from the most intimate insight to the overwhelming euphoria .

The proposal is to change her look , emotion , feeling and decorating with colors , as do the leaves in autumn.

Of course the successful Emerald ( Emerald Green ) will continue to maintain the spark that has fascinated and frightened many others in so far in 2013 . But besides the fall emerald surround us others.

- Mykonos Blue , the classic blue will be the liaison between the summer and autumn seasons and will be the invitation to insight meditation .

- Linden Green , a yellowish green to convince us that autumn comes to enter a dark tone .

- Acai , an exotic blue purple can be combined with other fall colors to give a sense of power.

- Samba is the name given to the typical autumn red and aims to provide expressiveness and drama to this new season.

- Koi a decorative orange and bright dazzling qualities , a declaration of intention to stand for the fall.

- Vivacius  is a rebellious and extremely deep fuchsia adds lush sensuality to this color palette for fall 2013 .

- Deep Lichen Green is that green mixed with gray half convince us that autumn really cold.

- Turbulence is a dark gray and cold but will be able to move something inside every time you see it.

- Cafare aims to be the typical brown this season but " aglamorate " to offer interesting and sophisticated alternative to autumns past.


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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Handmade photo frames.

To make these hand portafotos need, wire and stones.

Wrap the end of the wire into a stone. Make a spiral at the other end of the wire.

Doing that alone, you will have easy handmade photo frames.

Photo frame.

Photo frame DIY.

Photo frames DIY.

handmade photo frames.

How to make photo frames.

DIY photo frames.

How to make photo frame.

How to make easy photo frame.

Easy photo frames.


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